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Matching Hand Dyed Yarn

ItNeed your yarn to match a current skein or project?

We are happy to help! Hand dyed yarn is truly a work of art. Mira over at the Baah Yarn dye studio puts so much love into every skein she dyes. Each skein is carefully hand poured creating a beautiful unique skein of yarn, no two will ever be identical. 

If you are looking for a skein to use with a current project or skein of yarn that needs to match, we encourage a sample to be mailed in.

If The Yarn Was Purchased At The Lovina: Our dye lots have a quick turn around, so even if it was purchased from us, a sample is still suggested to avoid having to pay for extra shipping to mail back the un-matching skein. Even if the yarn is purchased a day apart, we may have several different dye lots in stock. We always want to ensure that our customers are happy with their yarn :)

If The Yarn Was Purchased From Another Shop: Absolutely mail a sample in, there is a 99% chance the yarn will not match. 

Why isn't the yarn more consistent? Hand dyed yarn is hand poured by a human. Sometimes pours can be heavier or lighter. Weather also plays a factor on how the color turns out. Variegated yarn will rarely match because it uses so many colors. This is why we love it, because nobody else will ever have the same exact color. 

If it makes you angry or upset with Baah that the yarn doesn't match, machine dyed yarn might be a better fit.

We want to thank all of our customers for spreading the good vibes!